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What is Project BINDU

Project BINDU ( Basic Introduction to New Digital Understandings ) is a ongoing project by a group of design researchers to come up with comprehensive tools for introduction to emerging digital trends in technology for, new generation and old, alike.

Why we need Contextual Learning?

Instructional tutorials and course curriculum are often designed in a manner that the learners repeat the instructions. Very little thought is given into taking those concepts further and then building ideas, over them. A lack of understanding of context in which the solution will be deployed, often leaves it rendered useless.

On the need of studying technology in schools.

In the past 50 years or so man has made exponential growth in terms of science and technology. While not all of us will become scientists or engineers ourselves, we would be heavily relying on technology created by them for our daily personal and professional needs.


Currently we are organising following workshops

Basic Robotics

Introduction to Circuits


Basic robotics 4th standard and above:

  • Circuits basic
  • Problem solving Using basic circuits
  • Walking Robots
  • Vibro bots
  • Paper plane launcher

Smart Wearable

Smart Wearable, Wearable circuits


Learn to ideate and design your own smart wearable

  • Circuit basics
  • Design Basics of Smart Wearable
  • Ideation of Smart Wearable
  • Making sewable circuits
  • Making light activated LED T-shirts