Details of Project

What is Project BINDU

Project BINDU ( Basic Introduction to New Digital Understandings ) is a ongoing project by a group of design researchers to come up with comprehensive tools for introduction to emerging digital trends in technology for, new generation and old, alike.

Understanding the context and Meaningful Design

ProjectBINDU with its well designed course content provides learners with challenging, inspirational and meaningful learning experiences. Learners are encouraged to solve problems by building solutions in a context of its application.

Accessibility and Affordability

The project aims to develop tools and techniques that are local in context and easily available to the learners in their regular learning environment. Thus eradicating the need to rely on external agencies for parts and components to fuel their creativity. Thus making the whole process more affordable and sustainable.

The Teacher, the Student and the System

The Project aims to bring together the students and the teachers to co-create the system of learning. Where there are no wrong solutions and learning for both teachers and students all along. In order to achive that both teacher and student need to be alert and aware of themselves and be courageous to re-imagine their futures together.

Colloquial Language

BINDU aims to develop curriculum and pedagodgy in colloquial languages. With tools and means that can be locally adapted, without disrupting the already existing culture of learning. Only aiding it in providing the new age knowledge to learners in ways that it feels more natural.

Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.
— Loris Malaguzzi


Focusing On What Matters Most

The project tries to interweave a teacher and a designer together. In our experience a curriculum is a dynamic process document that needs to have the space to be recreated, redesigned and if necessary to be completely negated. It is not a printed sheat of papers, but a living breathing concept constantly reshaping itself. A curriculum involves the people it is designed for.

It is only when the curriculum has a flexibility to incorporate into its design the people and the share of knowledge that they bring to a course can it provide the best deal to all involved.



Currently we are organising following workshops

Basic Robotics

Introduction to Circuits


Basic robotics 4th standard and above:

  • Circuits basic
  • Problem solving Using basic circuits
  • Walking Robots
  • Vibro bots
  • Paper plane launcher

Smart Wearable

Smart Wearable, Wearable circuits


Learn to ideate and design your own smart wearable

  • Circuit basics
  • Design Basics of Smart Wearable
  • Ideation of Smart Wearable
  • Making sewable circuits
  • Making light activated LED T-shirts